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The products and services offered at Northern Hydraulics Inc.

Northern Hydraulics Inc. is an assembly and service providing company situated in Great Falls, Montana (MT). The company was established in 1968 and has been situated in this location for the past twelve years. Northern hydraulic offers a wide range of hydraulic components and machines. They specialize in agricultural products.

Background of Northern Hydraulics Inc.

The company is also equipped to provide repair facilities of hydraulic systems. The company is open on the weekdays (i.e. Monday to Friday) from 8 am to 5 pm. At Northern Hydraulics they strive to provide you with the best quality hydraulic products and the best service available.


The company is equipped with a huge inventory of new hydraulic components and parts for repair. Custom made mobile and stationary products are made at Northern Hydraulics to satisfy your requirement.

Products offered by Northern Hydraulics Inc.:

Northern Hydraulics Inc. provides a complete range of hydraulic products from the best companies available in the market. It consists of a wide range of the finest hydraulic equipments. The various products that are being sold at northern hydraulics Inc. are:

Hydraulic Pumps:

The pump is the main component in a hydraulic system. There four basic designs of hydraulic pumps: Gear, gerotor, piston, and vane. These four types of pumps can be used for general hydraulic applications. The piston pumps are recommended to be used with high pressures. In circuits that make use of hydraulic motors, pumps with variable displacements and speed are used. The pumps also should be able to reverse.

Northern Hydraulics

Northern hydraulics Inc. provides various models of pumps from the manufacturers like Denison, Parker, Permco, Rexorth / Bosch, Sauer / Danfoss, Sauer / Sundstrand., Williams, etc.

Hydraulic Cylinders:

Hydraulic cylinders are used in a hydraulic circuit to produce linear motion by using the pressure exerted and amount of flow of the hydraulic fluid. According to the function cylinders can be classified into two types i.e. single acting and double acting. Single acting cylinders make use of the load to return the cylinder back to the closed position. Double acting cylinders are most commonly used and they make use of the hydraulic fluid for the expansion and retraction of the cylinder.

The manufacturer's whose cylinders are supplied by Northern Hydraulics Inc. are; Bimba, Hyco, Garwood, Johnson, McCoy, Prince, etc. They also make custom hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic Motors:

Hydraulic Motors are used in place of hydraulic cylinders in some hydraulic circuits. Hydraulic motors make us of the hydraulic pressure to rotate unlike hydraulic cylinders that use hydraulic pressure to generate linear motion. A hydraulic motor is similar to a pump in the way they are built. But unlike pumps in motors, the hydraulic fluid when let into the motor is used to rotate the shafts.

There are various types of hydraulic motors, but the most common ones are the gear, piston, vane, and orbit. The torque of the motor is dependent on the pressure supplied while the speed is dependent on the amount of fluid supplied to the motor.

Northern Hydraulics supplies a wide range of hydraulic motors produced by manufacturers like: Cessna, Cross, Denison, Gresen, John S Barnes, Parker, Prince and many more.


At Northern Hydraulics they provide a wide range of valves that suit various commercial and industrial applications. Denison, Dynex, Eaton, Gresen, Husco, Sauer / Sundstrand, Sun, Vickers are a few of the manufacturers of valves whose products are supplied at Northern Hydraulics Inc.

Hose and other fittings:

At northern Hydraulic Inc. they supply Hose and fitting for hoses by; Aeroquip, Eaton, Parker / Dayco, Safeway, SuperSwivel, Tompkins and Weatherhead.

Northern Hydraulic Inc. also manufactures hoses and tubes to satisfy your custom needs.


Hydrostats manufactured by Denison, Eaton, Parker and a few other companies is supplied at Northern Hydraulics Inc.

Industrial Engines:

A wide variety of industrial engines are supplied at Northern Hydraulics. Companies such as; Honda, Ford Industrial, John Deere, Kubota, Mitsubishi Industrial, Wisconsin and a few other companies' engines are supplied at Northern Hydraulics Inc. The Honda engines are also available for residential and commercial purpose.

Power Units :

Northern Hydraulics supplies power units manufactured by Eaton, Monarch, parker, Williams, etc. They also supply custom built mobile as well as stationary power supplying units. All the custom-built power units are equipped with Honda engines. The stationary power unit's that are custom-made at Northern Hydraulics are equipped with either Honda gas engines or electric motors.

Other Products and Accessories:

Northern Hydraulics inc. supplies hydraulic tools manufactured by Stanley and PortaCo. They also supply Shop Equipment products of Omega and Norco manufacturers. At Northern Hydraulic various cleaning equipment are also supplied. Alto USA, Delco, Epps, KEW, Simpson and WAP are the manufacturers of cleaning equipments supplied at Northern Hydraulics. They supply vacuum cleaners manufactured by WAP to meet various industrial and commercial cleaning needs.

Northern Hydraulics Inc. supplies various accessories such as fans, meters, thermal products, etc. manufactured by Akg Thermal, Dixon, Hotstart, Hy-Pro, V&M, Wika and many more.

Gillette generators are supplied at Northern Hydraulics Inc. They are portable gasoline and standby type generators. They also provide Homier Generators that can be purchase online from the website of Northern hydraulics.

Northern Hydraulics Inc. also provides commercial quality pressure washers. The pressure washers are manufactured by some of the biggest names in the industry such as Kew, Delco, Simpson, Epps and Alto.

Other than the above-mentioned manufacturers Northern Hydraulics Inc. manufactures replacement Power steering, Fuel Injection, brake lines and air conditioning for almost all applications in which they are used. They provide cheaper and better parts than the dealers who say the parts have to be specially ordered.

Northern Hydraulics Inc. provide the above mentioned products without any Sales tax.

Repair Services available at Northern Hydraulics Inc. :

Northern Hydraulic inc. also repairs hydraulic systems and provides maintenance service. They have a experienced team that repair almost all types of hydraulic pumps, cylinders, valves and motors. They also repair air conditioning equipments, hoses and tubes.

Overview of Northern Hydraulics Inc.:

Northern Hydraulic Inc. not only provides solutions to the agricultural sector but also to the mining, industrial and commercial sectors. Northern Hydraulics Inc. has clubbed with many of the giants of hydraulic equipment manufacturers. They also provide quick and efficient service. The company houses experts and experienced personnel who provide good quality products and excellent service.

The company's website www.northernhydraulics.net provides deltails of all the manufacturers, products and services. The site also has a "Hydraulic 101" section where they provide detailed information of different hydraulic circuits and systems with diagrams. It also contains information on various terminologies related to hydraulics and tips for troubleshooting any problems related to hydraulic equipments and systems.

The company has a machine shop at its site in Great Falls, Montana. Here you can purchase sealed kits, custom made steel lines, hoses, power units, etc. The companies web site also allows you to shop for various products supplied by them.


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